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Transport Economics
vert Transport Economics
The research lines of the group of transport economics of ERI-CES are centred on a number of different topics. These topics are related with the analysis of the different pricing systems, the impact of externalities on transport, competition within and across modes of transport, the effects of changes in the structure and in the regulatory system of transport markets, and the analysis of productivity and efficiency in the transport industry.
In particular, two research lines are currently being developed: 
  • Theoretical and empirical research, that builds on applied industrial organization models, analyze the competitiveness and welfare associated to the different transport sectors: road transport, public transport and maritime transport are some recent applications. Competition between modes and within modes, externalities, different pricing systems and changes on the modal distribution are some of the issues examined, while distinguishing for interurban-urban transport, and for freight-passenger transport. Recent work has studied the formation of complementary airline alliances in a strategic environment.
  • Another research line is dedicated to the evaluation of deregulation and privatization measures in the transport sector (mainly in the rail sector), the efficiency and productivity in the transport industries, and the impacts of the transport sector on the economic growth. The methodology employed in this analysis is based on the application of parametric and non-parametric techniques.



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