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Microeconomics and Game Theory
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Our current major aim is to accomplish a dynamic analysis of network formation in complex processes of socio-economic interaction.

We work in the design of theoretical models of dynamic formation of networks and their application both to information problems and the interaction in these environments, and the design of optimal structures of organizations and markets.

This main objective is subdivided into in the following sub-lines:
  • To develop new measures of connectivity and dynamics of networks that allow a global analysis to study the problem. We want to improve our understanding of the structural complexity of networks through the application of the algebraic topology tools to allow for a better knowledge of the degree of connectivity or isolation if these networks.
  • To design new models of information diffusion in Interactive social networks. More specifically, a) the strategic considerations that affect the diffusion of information among agents across the network and b) the dynamic process used to extend the diffusion of information in a social network depending on its architecture.
  • In the third sub-line, we use the concepts of the network formation theory to several market problems. We evaluate the efficiency and  the stability of endogenously formed networks for the case in which firms develop activities of investment in R&D, production and distribution



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Director: Amparo Urbano Salvador
Edificio de Institutos de Investigación - Campus de Tarongers
C/ Serpis, 29 - 46022 Valencia (SPAIN)
Tel.: (+34) 961 625 409 - Fax: (+34) 961 625 415
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